ATi Radeon 9200 SE Video Card

  • Brand: ATI
  • Category: Display Cards

Recommended Accessories


  • Pentium 4/III/II/Celeron, AMD K6/Athlon/Athlon XP or compatible with AGP 2X (3.3V), AGP 4X (1.5V), or AGP2X/4X universal slot
  • 64MB of system memory
  • Sound card supported by Windows and DirectSound with available line input
  • Interactive Program Guide requires Internet connection for listing updates
  • 500Mhz minimum processor speed for MPEG-2 video capture
  • Sound Subsystem with DirectSound drivers

Technical Details


  • TV-tuner requirements
    TV signal from amplified antenna or cable. Versions available for:
    PAL (Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)
Graphics technology
  • Radeon 9200 graphics technology
Memory configuration
  • 128MB of DDR memory
Operating system support
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows Me
  • Windows 98/98SE
  • Windows Vista
Monitor support
  • CRT monitor: 15-pin VGA connector



The ATI Radeon 9200SE dual-port video card is a powerful graphics adapter that allows you to use two monitors with your desktop computer. The card installs easily to any AGP port.

The card gives you a DVI, VGA and S-Video port. The revolutionary quad-pipe architechture and 128 MB DDR memory offers best of class performance to accelerate all popular 3D applications.